Haoyang Ye




About me


Hi there, welcome to my website! 


My family name is Ye, which means leaf in Chinese. My given name is Haoyang, it is pronounced as "how young" in English, but its Chinese meaning is quite different: my parents gave me the name because they wanted me to dream big and reach far. I love my parents very much.


My research interests: radio interferometric imaging, signal processing, fast radio bursts


During my journey in astronomy, I received enormous support and help from those wonderful people (ordered by the time I met them):



Prof. Steve Gull

Dr. Do Young Kim

Dr. Sonke Hee

Dr. Richard Saunders

Dr. Bojan Nikolic

Dr. Sze Meng Tan

Dr. Peter Hague

Dr. Danille Fenech

Prof. Qiming Wang

Dr. Feng Gao

Dr. Will Barker

Dr. Zhongli Zhang

Prof. Lijun Gou

Prof. Wang Feng

Prof. Binbin Zhang

Prof. Yinzhe Ma

Dr. Bing Jiang

Dr. Bo Hu

Dr. Yiping Shu

Dr. Chenhui Niu

Dr. Weiyang Wang

Dr. Jumei Yao

Dr. Sean Lake

Dr. Mengyao Xue

Prof. Di Li

Prof. Jingwen Wu

Prof. Torsten Ensslin

Prof. Huub Rottgering

Prof. Reinout van Weeren

Dr. Wendy Williams