Haoyang Ye

About me


Hi there, welcome to my website! 


My family name is Ye, which means leaf in Chinese. My given name is Haoyang, it is pronounced as "how young" in English, but its Chinese meaning is quite different: my parents gave me the name because they wanted me to dream big and reach far. I love my parents very much.


After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering at one of the top engineering universities in China, I went to the University of Cambridge to conduct my PhD research on radio interferometry at Cavendish Laboratory. The idea of connecting several small antennas together to function as a very large single-dish telescope is very smart.  My background in signal processing and algorithm developing helped me set my feet into astronomy. I soon fell in love with astronomy and taught myself many exciting topics. I also become a very passionate science communicator and delivered outreach talks and activities both inside the UK and China.


I am looking for a postdoctoral position to advance my research on radio interferometry imaging, also, I want to seek collaborations and work on more scientific projects. I am dedicated to pursuing an academic career, while science communication will remain a strong interest of mine.


During my journey into astronomy, I received enormous help from my PhD supervisors Prof. Steve Gull and Dr. Bojan Nikolic, my collaborators Dr. Sze Meng Tan and Dr. Peter Hague, my mentors Dr. Richard Saunders and Dr. Danille Fenech and many many wonderful friends I made all around the world. Thank you all!




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