First Blog


This is a very fresh start, and I am very proud of myself. I need to make efforts to improve myself to become a better researcher. I am very grateful that I have so many people around me to offer support.

Things that I will put on the Blog section on my website:

  •  Exciting knowledge 
  •  Newly learned computational tricks
  •  Random research ideas
  •  My understanding of some relevant paper
  •  Exciting research experience
  •  My own research results

I hope I will have many exciting research challenges to come!




September 11, 2019






SSL Certificate


I showed my website to my friend and found that my website is marked as insecure in browsers. I was worried and then found out that I needed an SSL certificate. It took me about an hour or two to apply and install the SSL Certificate. I experienced a name mismatch error, then reinstalled the certificate. Luckily, everything worked out! I was so excited to see the green lock shown!


Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a very traditional festival in China. I wish you all the best!



September 12, 2019






Possibility to use BaSC into exoplanet searching?


Read papers about the detection of PDS 70 b and PDS 70 c. Feeling very excited - though it was not the ALMA that detected these two exoplanets (may still under formation), ALMA results clearly showed these two little ones.  In that case, BaSC may help to find exoplanets using ALMA. There may be a very exciting era to find exoplanets using radio interferometers, at the moment, mainly ALMA, which operates at a very small radio wavelength, therefore very good resolution. 


Also contacted Peter for comments.


October 17, 2019